Biometrics Changes Everything!

Cannabinoid "Mesearch"


"Mesearch", or autoethnography, is when a researcher uses their personal experiences to tackle academic questions. With biometric sensors now widely available, it has never been easier for people to scientifically test how different cannabis products are affecting them. I call this Cannabinoid Mesearch.


Yep, we are going to start here

There is a popular misconception that Indica is a sedative and Sativa is uplifting.  Scientists tested this and completely debunked it.

It turns out people can't actually tell the difference between "Indica" and "Sativa" by consuming cannabis. I know... how embarrassing!


Different cannabis products do affect people differently, but those differences are not the result of the Indica Sativa distinction


The species is Cannabis Sativa if you want to get technical. 

Scientists figured out how to do a DNA analyses of fossilized pollen, and discovered that Indica is native to Asia and Sativa is native to Europe.  

So Within the species Cannabis, there are two subspecies,

C. indica & C. sativa.

This only refers to the plant’s native geographic ranges, not how the cannabis will affect you.

If you want to learn more about the debunking of "Indica" & "Sativa", here is a link to articles by Dr. Ethan Russo and John McPartland.

But enough about fossil pollen studies. This page is about moving on from Indica and Sativa and finding a better way to approach cannabis.


Mesearch is about methodically testing the variables of your cannabis experiences.  

Biometric sensors like heart rate monitor watches designed for athletics can be repurposed to test how different cannabis products, doses, and methods of ingestion affects you.  



These are the main active components in the cannabis plant. Mesearch allows you to test different cannabinoid products methodically to see what ratio of cannabinoids works best for you.  We are talking THC, CBD, CBN, THCV, CBDV, and even CBG & CBC. Heck, we're even talking THCP & THCB. 


That Smell

I approach fine cannabis like fine wine.  Only cannabis is better, obviously.  The cannabis flavor pallet is every bit as dynamic and fun to explore as the wine flavor palet. 


The chemicals that create the smell may also affect how the cannabis product affects you.  This is something that you can test with a smartwatch, which is a whole lot cooler than wine tasting.


Joints, Edibles, Softgels

Vapes, beverages, topicals, it keeps going.  No need to get overwhelmed, there are mainly two ways of consuming cannabis. 


Inhalation, like with bongs, pipes, joints, extracts & vapes. Ingestion, like with edibles, beverages, oils, and softgels.


Mesearch gives you the scientific tools you need to test how the different options affect you. 

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