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Meet Nathaniel Morris

An accomplished innovator, writer, and environmentalist.


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Along with his wife, Emily Morris, Nathaniel co-authored the book Transforming Orgasms with Psychedelics, Cannabis & Science, which explores our relationship with psychoactive plants and fungi.


The book takes an anthropological look at the invention of music, arguing that sexual pleasure drove selective forces to favor those who consumed psychoactive plants/fungi and made music. These behaviors result in more sex and better sex, and therefore more offspring that are predisposed to exhibit the same behaviors.


Featuring over 75 peer-reviewed studies, the book presents a new sex-based hypothesis for the coevolution between humans and psychoactive plants/fungi, called the Sex, Drugs, and Rhythm (SDR) Theory of human evolution.

In addition to his work in sexual wellness, cannabis, and psychedelic space,  Nathaniel is also an accomplished environmentalist and horticulturist.


He gained national attention for his work developing cannabis cultivars that produce CBD and other minor cannabinoids. Nathaniel helped to build an environmental assessment model to forecast the potential impact of carbon farming using Ontario's wild hemp.


He is the Director of the Biochar Initiative for The Rideau Roundtable, a nonprofit environmental organization. He and his family successfully lobbied their local government of Smiths Falls Ontario to work with The Rideau Roundtable to convert green waste into biochar, a valuable tool for sustainable practices.

Nathaniel and Emily's upcoming book, Carbon in the Garden,  promises to offer valuable insights into sustainable practices for environmentalists and horticulturists alike. 

Don't just grow plants, grow a better planet! Incorporating carbon sequestration techniques in gardening reduces CO2 in the atmosphere and leads to healthier soil and more productive plants.

Be sure to follow for information on eco-friendly gardening tips, biochar, and how to get your municipality involved! 

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